About Eureka

ETP is the leading IT support provider specialising in managed services and IT support.

Whether your business wishes to fully outsource its IT support requirements or complement its in-house resources, ETP provides a cost-effective solution tailored to meet your needs.

Specialising in multi-platform environments ETP is committed to providing first-class managed IT services to our clients’ who cover a wide variety of industries. ETP’s range of flexible managed support packages and pay as you go services will provide you with the best level of support to fit your business needs and budget.

Working in close partnership with your business our dedicated team of IT professionals will help you to exploit new technologies to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase your overall productivity.

Our Values

Delivering exceptional value to clients

We will ensure that our clients receive the most optimum solution in line with their needs. We will not oversell a solution for profit and we will not undersell (give a lesser solution that doesn't meet their needs) to win business because we are cheaper.

Opportunity based on merit

No employee will receive a raise or promotion based on years of service, age, family background, religion, race, cast , colour, etc. All opportunities will be based on performance - a combination of meeting targets, knowledge and skills, teamwork and ability to learn and implement new ideas.

Encouraging individual initiative

We value individuals who initiate activities towards the progress of the company without having to be always pushed by management. This may be a sales executive who comes up with a new way of presenting to clients based on his readings and experience. It may be an engineer who learns a new skill that helps the company market a new service. A Customer Support Executive who comes up with a new strategy to improve retention.

Valuing Leadership skills

Any employee has the opportunity to be a leader at Eureka. An individual with leadership qualities define results and problems from a corporate perspective. They take the initiative to deliver results and solutions by supporting and encouraging subordinates, peers and senior management, irrespective of the division, to overcome obstacles. However, they also take on the additional responsibility of holding all subordinates, peers and senior management, irrespective of the division, accountable for delivering results and solutions.

Never be a Jerk

  • Whatever situation we are in, we always treat others with patience, understanding and goodwill.
  • We believe in being helpful and will do our best to make work and life easier and better for everyone around us.
  • We are ambitious, but we never move up by putting others down.
  • When we communicate, whether it’s talking or writing, we always show respect by being clear, accurate and polite.
  • If we ever have a problem with someone, we don’t tell the world, we speak directly to the person.

What We Can Do For Your Business

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