"We chose to work with Eureka because of their unique combination of world class processes, talent and experience. This helps us focus more on our core business & technology innovation as they have a competent and professional team that works in partnership to keep the lights on"

Jehan Mutaliph
MAS Holdings


"Eureka is the right partner for us. A team from UST spent time at their facilities in Sri Lanka and found their company values align well with UST's. They are also one of the few companies of their size that have an ISO 20000 rating so they resolve incidents quickly and at a very low cost."

Tony Velleca
UST Global


"We went to the market looking for an IT partner that would add value and not just be a provider of tools. Eureka has delivered that value."

Ruwindhu Peiris
Managing Director


"Eureka allowed us to improve our IT operations, sustain our internal control compliance, meet deadlines, and successfully report our progress to the management. They not only pointed out the findings of the audit, but they also shared their expert knowledge with us to overcome the issues that were identified. We look forward to continue working with Eureka Technology Partners!"

Gihan Perera
Perera & Sons


"We have been extremely pleased with the quality of service received from Eureka Technology Partners. Timely and detailed reports leave nothing to question. I was delighted with how well the team worked with ours and the flexibility of their schedules, which allowed us to continue operations with minimal interruptions."

Prabash De Saram
D.L.&F. De Saram


"We focused on our core business while Eureka took care of all our IT needs. An entire team of experienced managers helped ensure our IT infrastructure was up-to-date and ready to cope with future needs."

Shehara Varia
FJ&G de Saram

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